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easy holiday swag

Not to be confused with the schwag you will get for the holidays, this is a quick and easy decoration for the front door.

you will need:

greenery (check for free stuff at tree cutting stands and consider using things like rosemary, from your backyard)

a twist tie

faux flowers or berries–mine are paper flowers from the craft store

colorful ribbon–I used 1 inch wide red grosgrain ribbon I had on hand

three easy steps:

1.  Lay the greenery down on a flat surface, putting the big stuff on the bottom and graduating to the smaller stuff on top.  If you trim the place where it’s all tied together, it will make your life much simpler.  You’re basically making a big, flat bouquet.

2.  Secure with a twist tie.  I re-used a green one from our twinkly lights.  hello free.

3.  Add *weather safe* embellishments–flowers, berries, little ornaments–securing them with wire (my flowers came on wire stems) or hot glue and wrap a colorful ribbon around the twist tie part to hide it and add a little more color.  Tuck the ribbon into itself and–voila!–you’re done.

Go hang that bad boy on your front door and spread some cheer to all!

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cinco de mayo

happy 5th of may!  i don’t celebrate mexican heritage so much as my love of margaritas.  so i thought i’d share my recipes for homemade margaritas.  below are the quick and dirty version (easy!) and the all-out-martha-stewart version of sour mix and simple syrup.  add a little tequila and you’re ready to celebrate, amigos!

you know those pre-mixed margarita mixes?  yuck.  too sugary (or high-fructose-corn-syrup-y) and not lime-y enough.  and expensive.  that doesn’t sound like you, does it?!  so skip the costly versions and head on over to the frozen juice aisle, where you’ll find cans of frozen lime-ade.  stock up when they’re on sale and you’ll always have the makin’s for this quick and dirty recipe:

or go all out (best prepared ahead of time so the simple syrup can cool) and wow your friends with this a-maz-ing made from scratch mix.  it really is the best.

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more branches!

when i saw this cast sterling silver branch, i knew i had to have it.  when it arrived in the mail, i spent a long time thinking about how to do it justice.  i wanted to highlight it’s delicate nature and organic form but i didn’t want to overwhelm it’s simple elegance.

so i decided to hang some wire-wrapped gemstones from the branch: a single rock crystal and three  peridot drops.  to bring out the beautiful green of the peridot, i added more wire-wrapped peridot to the sterling silver chain all the way around and i finished it with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

it’s available at my etsy store for $42 USD.

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fiery sunset earrings

i have a love/hate relationship with red but just a straight-up love relationship with orange.  (not sure where my red-phobia comes from, i can’t blame it on cabbage patch kid like i can with purple.)  when paired together, the orange tones down the ‘red-ness’ of red and makes it warm and toasty.  plus these faceted ruby quartz beads aren’t just red…they’re a deep ruby slipper kind of red.  so i can get into that.

add a bali sterling silver spacer bead (um, another fave of mine) and hang them from gunmetal, and i may just have to reconsider my feelings about red.

they’re available at my etsy store for $22 USD and would warm up any day.  even if there’s tons of snow and your capital isn’t functional.  ahem.

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peridot swing

another iconic bare tree, this time in pewter.  i don’t know what it is with me and bare trees, but i just think they’re so cool.  i made this one for my urban prairie collection.

i felt like it needed a little something, so i added a tiny peridot to swing from the branches, wrapped with oxidized sterling silver wire.  in keeping with the simple, timeless theme, i knotted it on a thin black leather cord.  i wanted to keep it spare and classic.

it’s available at my etsy store for $26 USD.

and i’m still donating $5 to red cross for every item purchased from my etsy store!

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pretty scrollwork

when i saw these gorgeous bali sterling silver beads, i just had to have them!  they are hand-carved with a beautiful open scrollwork.  and because they’re hollow, they’re surprisingly lightweight.  i struggled with the perfect accent for them, but they really are the accent, so i just added small swarovski crystals and hung them from sterling silver earwires.

earrings measure just under 1.5 inches in length, including earwires.

they’re available at my etsy store for $42 USD and arrive in my handmade paper box via usps priority mail.

ps – for a limited time, i will donate $5 for each item purchased through my etsy store to the aid organization of your choice for haiti. participate in ‘hearts for haiti’, too–add my store to your favorites list and i’ll donate a $1 to red cross, whether or not you make a purchase.

January 25, 2010 at 7:30 pm 1 comment

simple (but never boring!)

oh i love these earrings!  they are the answer to every question:  not sure what to wear?  these earrings!  nothing quite matches that necklace?  these earrings!  want something simple?  a little sporty?  dainty but not too girly?  these earrings!!

okay, maybe they won’t help you with more existential questions, but they are without a doubt my favorite pair of earrings and it is not an exaggeration to say that i wear them all the time.

made of sterling silver with a self-closure, they’re available at my etsy store.  to top it all off, they’re a steal at only $15!  for a little extra oomph, get them hammered for $18.

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