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yesterday the hubby and i joined friends for a late winter snowshoe hike into the mountains.

lunch on a log

eleven adults, one baby, two kids, two dogs. we celebrated reaching the top with lunch and sledding.

the hubby, all layered up

working up a sweat and then sitting down for lunch in the shade with snow all around gets you cold pretty quickly!

that's me under all those layers on the descent

the day started out really warm–hence the skirt–and then we had to add lots of layers as it cooled off.

molly braved it, too, even though her paws were raw by the end

poor molly is recovering from a foot infection (pseudomonas aeruginosa + staph for my nerd friends), but made it all the way up and all the way down without complaining. and then she promptly passed out.

an all-around gorgeous day

it was clear blue skies and sunshine until the misty clouds rolled in and we decided we were too cold to stay any longer. one temper tantrum about wet socks and boots and we were on our way down!

a happy hubby

photos by thomas girke, dorothy mclaughlin, and jason stajich

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my new medium

this weekend, our family (me, hubby, and doggies) went up to the san bernadino mountains to kick back and relax in the snow.  well not in the snow, but warmly inside by the fire with beers in hand.  despite having the chains break–not once but twice!–on the way up to the cabin, we managed to have a pretty good time.  and i discovered another fun craft–snow people!

jason started making a giant snowball, and that, well, got things rolling.  with my humble sidekick, molly, looking on and providing guidance and supervision, i created this wonder of snow and ice.  for those of you who know jason, you may see some similarities, especially the mustache.  thankfully he doesn’t have a horn sticking out of his head, though.

to see me in action (shaping the all important ‘stache), click here for a 30 second video on flickr.

today it’s back to making jewelry.  what it lacks in moustaches, it makes up for by not being freezing cold!

adding an arm while molly looks on...

...putting the finishing touches on the 'stache...

...and he's ready for his closeup!

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