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bringing back the jewelry boards!

it’s been a loooong time since i’ve offered these guys up for sale. remember them? so cute and a great way to see what you’ve got {ensuring that you’ll wear that necklace that’s currently wadded up in a drawer somewhere}.

upcycled jewelry boards of yore

i have one that i keep all my goodies on and it’s super handy! i haven’t had them in the store for a while because i haven’t been able to find any good children’s clothes to upcycle. but then i realized the other day that i have a ton of great fabric in my stash and i can make some more that way. {i’m not always the quickest}

here are some sneak peaks of what i’m working on.

frames to work with {and duck prints to throw out}

pretty fabrics

and then i dig into my stash of brads, ribbon, vintage buttons and trim, and see what comes up.

this one looks preppy and sweet

this one has kind of a thrifted look to it

this one has a handmade, natural vibe

this one is shaping up to be prim and proper

and this one is becoming quite mod!

it’s likely that not all the doodads will make the final cut, but i like to lay everything out first and work from there. i think of them as assemblages, and they can take quite a while to complete. click here to see my tutorial for how to make your own {or just see what’s behind the scenes}. it was featured on cosa verde’s blog ages ago. hopefully i can get these up and in the shop soon!

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corral your crap

dear sir or madam,

ever wondered what to do with all that crap that’s just lying around?  may i humbly suggest these trays for all your storage needs.  the fancy crap tray would look wonderful on your wardrobe with your perfumes arranged just so.  your mancrap would look ever so manly in the pewter mancrap container; perhaps for the study or the mancave?  and of course, whose office is complete without a snarky comment graciously provided by the ‘you say it’s my crap like it’s a bad thing’ tray.  while these one of a kind, upcycled trays won’t solve your problems with crap, they will give you a place to put it all.  well, at least some of it.

each tray has been rescued by yours truly from one of the fine riverside, ca thrift store establishments and revived with just the right touches.  lovingly cleaned and stamped or decoupaged to bring out the individual features of each lovely piece.  then sealed so that you can wipe them down, should they ever need it.  they will develop a light patina over time to add to their uniqueness.

send no money now!  simply go to my etsy store and choose one of these instant heirlooms for yourself or as a gift for that special someone who deserves something this fabulous.

sadly, you will have to provide your own crap, as i do not provide my crap with these items, whatever the pictures may imply.


the sultana of the inland empire

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a room of my own

if only mtv cribs would come to my home with video cameras, i could tell you: this is where the magic happens!  it’s not the bedroom, and i’m pretty sure it’s supposed to function as a breakfast nook, but it has become my studio.  virginia would be so pleased.

i’m lucky to have all this lovely space to myself in this bright room just off the kitchen of the little house we’re renting.  i have room for my sewing paraphernalia (off to the left), my paper and ribbon collection (to the right), and mainly, my bead stash (front and center).  not that it doesn’t all spill out into other rooms of the house, much to my husband’s chagrin, but it’s better than trying to share with the guest room/office/place we put stuff that we don’t know what to do with.

my husband and i have an offer pending on a house close by where i could also have my own room for craft crap, but right now this is just perfect.  i even borrowed an idea from marta writes about using fabric shoe/sweater cubbies for storage.  i put my fabric stash in them, so no more digging around in plastic tubs.  of course, there are still plastic tubs, but now i have less frequently used items in them!  and then, there are the beads…lots and lots of beads.  now that i have the studio picked up and organized (i am not as excited to put things away as i am to get them out!) i feel inspired to make some beautiful new things.  and i’ve covered the entire desk in dark gray fleece so that those pesky little round ones don’t go rolling off…as much.

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flattery will get you everywhere

when i first put my jewelry on the interweb, i was unsure how it would be received.  sure, family and friends loved it and encouraged me to get out there, but it was still scary to ask total strangers if they liked my work.

just the act of putting myself out there has made me more confident about my jewelry, but compliments from strangers never hurt!  the other day someone said to me that they like my jewelry because they rarely wear any jewelry.  although it may not sound like a compliment to others, i thought it was a great because i strive to create everyday, not-too-fussy pieces. so i was really flattered!

then today, my upcycled red and aqua jewelry storage board was featured in the top picks on cosa verde‘s website!  so cool.  thanks everybody.

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another upcycled jewelry board!

i really like how this one turned out!  i even managed it with a mangled hand!  well, now i have a matching bandage on my left index finger, but it’s all good.  this time it was my fault.  i forgot how sharp those exacto blades can be…

i found this sweet vintage frame at an antique store.  separated from all its bits and pieces, it looked kind of sad but like it had potential.  so i took it home.  well if that isn’t just the story of my life.

i cleaned it up and added a few details: i sewed a brown velveteen strip onto a rich taupe silk shantung at the bottom (very secure!); the pocket has an elastic band so it makes a great pocket for rings and bracelets.  i added two strands of grosgrain ribbon for earrings to hang from and 14 brass hooks at the bottom of necklaces.  the brads and buttons at the top are the place for hoops and i include 10 pearl top pins for leverback earrings.  shazam!

the center is foam core, but i’ve added a sheet of thick chip board on the back to give it a finished feel and so that pins don’t poke through.  the frame hangs from a matching grosgrain ribbon; over a nail, a hook, or a door knob.  it even has little rubber bumpers on the back to keep it from scratching your walls.

it’s available at my etsy store for $46 USD as part of the ‘where to put it all’ collection.

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sneak peek!

revery, (rv-r), n.

1. an act or state of absent-minded daydreaming to fall into a reverie
2. (Music, other) a piece of instrumental music suggestive of a daydream
3. Archaic a fanciful or visionary notion; daydream

i’m really pleased with how this new addition to my upcycled jewelry storage collection turned out.  in its old life, it was a candle plate.  but with a little paint, a decoupaged bee, and a hand written quote, it becomes a jewelry storage tray worthy of your boudoir.  i added a quote from emily dickinson to this upcycled plate:

To make a prairie, it takes a clover and one bee

One clover and a bee and revery.

The revery alone will do,

If bees are few.

a daily reminder to dream a little dream.  once i get a few more coats of sealant on it, you can find it at my etsy store.  coming soon!

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sneak peek!

sneak peaks of my newest upcycled/repurposed jewelry storage and display.  they’re one of a kind (in more ways than one, though obviously as happily-stumbled-upon thrift store finds, i can’t make more than one!)

you got your bowl o’ bugs made from a silver plate bowl that i decoupaged with a nice bright grass background and topped with reproductions of neato dragonfly, beatle, and bee stamps from around the world.  bonus feature (not shown in photo): it comes with a plastic bowl insert so you could even serve food in it! creep out your friends!  horrify your mother in law!

also pictured is a former soap dish that i decoupaged a reproduction vintage map into and then added the quote from Tolkien: “not all those who wander are lost” and a sweet little bird in flight.  i can imagine this being the perfect place for his jewelry: just the right size for a watch and some cufflinks.  the bowl is copper-plated and sits on four little feet like an old claw-foot bathtub.  i was very excited to find it at the thrift store and give it a new  life.  collecting cool quotes is yet another favorite pasttime of mine, so i thought i’d bring that aspect of me into this creation.

they’ll be up at my etsy store soon with the rest of the where to put it all collection!  i just need to get some good sunshine so i can take some rockin’ photos.

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sneak peak!

i call him the grim keeper!  he’s the latest in my series of upcycled jewelry storage and display.  i can’t believe it, but i found this stainless tray at the thrift store.  i have no idea what it was, a spoon rest maybe?  now, with a little decoupage magic, it’s been transformed into a super cool tray to store your jewelry, wallet, cell phone…maybe even your skeleton keys.  ba-dum-bum tsccch!

he’ll be available soon at my etsy store once i get him ready for his close up.

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off to make more jewelry storage!

i’ve had an amazing response for the new upcycled jewelry storage/display line that i’ve added to my etsy store, so i’m off to make more!  sneak peek: this weekend i found a silver tray at a thrift store that begs to be made into a skull.  can you imagine?  pictures to follow!

for now, here are some images from what i’ve made so far:

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where to put it all?

what to do with all that cool jewelry?  well don’t be like me and just pile it on your dresser!  it’s messy, tangly, and you can’t see what you have.  i think it’s a proven fact that if you can see it, you’re more likely to use it.  surely some scientist has done a study on that.  right?

to solve this non-existential dilemma, i’ve created this one-of-a-kind upcycled jewelry board, created from rescued items: a pretty girl’s dress made from creamy yellow swiss dot and a frame.  with the pocket for rings, the grosgrain ribbon to hang earrings on, and the hooks for necklaces, we can get you organized.  at least in this area!

the sweet yellow swiss dot jewelry board is available at my etsy store for $40 USD.  more to come!  need one to match your decor?  your style?  shoot me an email ( and let’s see what i can put together!  surely with all the fabric, ribbon and doodads i own i could create something fabulous just for you.

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